Key Achievers in January

2023 is the year of ‘Quality in Everything’ at Key Construction. The five people below have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to quality for the month of February. We’ll be recognizing team members each month in 2023.

Larry Bodley

Larry Bodley, General Superintendent - Wichita

Larry had to complete 19 reviews during February, more than any other manager.  To accomplish this, he started drafting reviews early to allow him time to evaluate each of the 19 people accurately.

Dan Rosson

Dan Rosson, Superintendent - Tulsa

Dan does an outstanding job on every daily report he writes.  His reports contain detailed descriptions of the completed work, notes and observations, logging calls, and reporting delays.

Jeff Edman

Jeff Edman, Superintendent - Mission Critical

Jeff has mastered the look ahead schedules. He generates a new detailed look-ahead schedule weekly and distributes it to the entire team, including the owner, architects, and engineers.  Now that’s accountability.

Jared Hynek Headshot

Jared Hynek, Project Manager - National Accounts

 Jared produces the company’s most detailed Over/Under report.  After reviewing one of his O/U reports, you will never find yourself missing any details.

Dave Wells

Dave Wells, Owner

When it comes to doing what it takes to win, Dave holds nothing back. Who else would spend months preparing and hours styling to win a crazy hair competition?

Making an Impact

Key Construction makes an impact on the communities we touch through employee giving programs, employee involvement programs and corporate contributions to charitable organizations.

Community Involvement