Our Key Leaders

Key Construction is comprised of nearly 200 men and women based in the Midwest and working throughout the country. We invite you to meet the leaders of Key.

  • Dave Wells
    David Wells President
  • Ken Wells Nov 2015
    Kenneth Wells Chairman of the Board
  • Rick McCafferty
    Rick McCafferty Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Beasley
    Chris Beasley Chief Operating Officer
  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans Chief Financial Officer
  • Scott Casebolt
    Scott Casebolt President, Wichita Division and National Accounts
  • Phil Wells 8564
    Phil Wells President, Tulsa Division
  • Steven Wells
    Steven Wells President, Dallas-Fort Worth Division
  • Lisa Byrne
    Lisa Byrne Corporate Marketing Director
  • Marvin Swayne
    Marvin Swayne Corporate Safety Director
  • Sarah Rundell
    Sarah Rundell Human Resources
  • Zack Siegrist
    Zack Siegrist Vice President of Pre-construction Services, Wichita Division and National Accounts
  • Troy Heckart
    Troy Heckart Vice President of Pre-construction Services
  • Evan Anderson  8541 Rev
    Evan Anderson Director of Pre-construction Services, Tulsa Division
  • Mark Gehrer
    Mark Gehrer Business Development, Wichita Division
  • Eddie Fahnestock
    Eddie Fahnestock Business Development, Wichita Division
  • Caroline Hurley
    Caroline Hurley Business Development, National Accounts
  • Jett Ashley 600×700 C
    Jett Ashley Business Development, Mission Critical Division
  • Steve Loehr
    Steve Loehr General Superintendent
  • Larry Bodley
    Larry Bodley General Superintendent

Making an Impact

Key Construction makes an impact on the communities we touch through employee giving programs, employee involvement programs and corporate contributions to charitable organizations.

Community Involvement