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ILTexas MJROTC High School

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The ILTexas MJROTC High School is an auxiliary building constructed to complement the existing high school and provide a space to conduct competitive events for Marine Corps JROTC program. The MCJROTC’s mission is to instill values of citizenship, service, responsibility, and accomplishment in students the program serves. The over 13,000 SF space encompasses an air-rifle range for competitive shooting, an armory, large areas for learning, locker rooms, and a storm shelter. Beyond academics, it enriches the school’s culture, cultivating pride and belonging while nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared for academic success and future pursuits. The structure is comprised of spread footings, slab-on-grade, light gauge framing, and a CMU ICC-500 rated storm shelter. The exterior facade is almost entirely full-depth brick with a modified bituminous roof. 

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