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The ILTexas Windmill Lakes-Orem High School project involves the transformation of an existing church campus through a comprehensive 7-phase initiative. The project’s key components are outlined as follows:

  • Phase 1: Enhancing the campus aesthetics by applying fresh paint throughout and modestly expanding two classrooms.
  • Phase 2: Upgrading and rerouting existing low-voltage systems to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Phase 3: Introducing various site enhancements, including a detention pond, upgrading site utilities, adding a public turn lane on the TXDOT road, and demolishing one structure.
  • Phase 4: Installing temporary classrooms to accommodate the school’s growth until Phase 6’s completion.
  • Phase 5: Converting the current gymnasium into a specialized JROTC facility with a rifle range and training drill pad.
  • Phase 6: Constructing a novel facility that unifies the campus. This new structure will combine structural steel, cold-formed framing, and CMU block. The exterior will feature full-depth brick, and the roofing will have a TPO membrane. The space will be climate-controlled using a chilled water system.
  • Phase 7: Conducting minor renovations on the existing auditorium and its support areas.

Overall, the ILTexas Windmill Lakes-Orem High School project encompasses a series of carefully planned phases to revitalize the campus to meet the evolving needs of the school community.

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