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Kansas Medical Center

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Kansas Medical Center is an existing hospital with a Group I-2 occupancy and Type IB construction. The hospital remained continuously occupied for the duration of construction for both projects.

Intermediate Care Addition (Pre/Post OP Addition)

The project consists of 2,000 square feet within an existing enclosed courtyard. A temporary tunnel was constructed through the hospital to allow material, equipment and workers to access the site. The exterior is pre-cast panels and metal siding to match the existing. The panels were lifted over the existing building into the courtyard. The total duration was five months.

PET/CT Renovation

The project was a renovation to the 1,451-square-foot PET/CT and imaging suite. It consisted of removal of the existing slab and the thickening of a slab for the new PET/CT machine. The area was expanded out, and the addition of 1/2-inch lead-lined sheetrock was installed due to the higher radiation levels of the new machine. An additional bathroom was added, as well. The project duration was 60 days, with some lead times of material for more than eight weeks, which required substantial coordination at estimating to ensure the timely completion of the project.

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